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About agency


SETTERS has jumped to the top 10 best agencies in Russia according to the Tagline in only three years. We opened offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Miami. Our team grew to 120 people.

We manage social networks of different brands, develop websites, launch effective advertising campaigns and large-scale special projects with famous Russian bloggers. Our designers work on the front windows of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The brands that we lead become the examples for other brands.


This is an educational direction from the SETTERS agency. We hold lectures, workshops and series of courses that help not only to understand SMM, but also to bring you to the advanced level, so you can become a full-fledged and competent specialist in this field.
SETTERS Education has been around for over two years. During this time we have created several training formats so that everyone can choose what they need and like: lectures, workshops, intensive courses, corporate training and courses how to create content, advertising or SMM in general.

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